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  • Painting Tips: the Most Common Errors and Things to Keep in Mind

    It is true that painting is not such a complicated task. However, few important details often slip through your mind and cause lots of trouble afterwards. As a result, extra time and money are wasted even worse, the colors may not turn out as expected.

  • Revamp Your Home with Easy Painting Techniques

    Painting is simplest way to create different feelings to your home, making each space looks brand new. However, painting single plain color might be too boring, why don’t we try adding some fun elements and patterns to the wall…the easy way!

  • How to Paint Like a Pro

    One easy way to make your house looks as good as new is painting. Many people might find painting difficult or see it as something that only professional painters can manage. As the matter of fact, we can do it ourselves with just a couple of essential techniques we need to know. If you are ready, let’s grab some painting tools, choose your favorite colors and let’s paint like a pro!

  • Paint a Room with More Than One Color

    An easy way to freshen up the atmosphere at home is to repaint. Not only to give your home a fresher look as a result, the resident will feel better as well. Nowadays, there are endless shades of paint available in the market and you can even get personalized shades made only for you. But if you think painting only one color might be a bit too simple, why not challenge yourself with more colors? We’ve got some tips to guide you through.