DIY Café Inspired Decorative Chalkboard

There are tons of techniques to create beautiful walls at home, apart from using colors or patterns. Today, we have another fun and creative project just for you. We are turning plain boring wall into a creative corner by decorating with super cool DIY chalkboard, where you can write words, quotes or jotting down notes and reminders. This DIY project is not difficult and only needs a few things to get started. If you are ready, let’s begin!


Plywood: you may choose the size that you prefer to make the chalkboard

Acrylic paint

Powdered tile grout

Paintbrush, mixing container and paint stirrer

Blackboard chalk


  • First, start by cleaning the surface of plywood. Smooth all the areas with sandpaper and then clean off the dust.
  • Combine powdered grout and acrylic paint together with and little bit of water. Mix well and apply throughout the surface of the plywood.

Wait until the paint is totally dry. In order to create a vintage look and feel, rub blackboard chalk all over the surface then wipe away with tissue paper or kitchen paper. Now you have your very own DIY chalkboard for the home that is very much similar to what everyone familiar with as a kid. If any of you are bored with the same old “black” chalkboard, you are welcome use any other colors to create something a bit out of the ordinary.

Chalkboard is a decorative item that makes any rooms look more interesting. Most importantly, it is as well economical, since you can wipe off the words and re-write over again anytime you want. It is also a versatile piece of decoration, you can have it in your living room, bedroom or even home office. Now you can enjoy the café atmosphere around the clock in your very own home.

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