Painting Tips: the Most Common Errors and Things to Keep in Mind

It is true that painting is not such a complicated task. However, few important details often slip through your mind and cause lots of trouble afterwards. As a result, extra time and money are wasted even worse, the colors may not turn out as expected.

1.Not Notice the Change of Colors

Even thought how strongly positive you are about the color you picked from the store, you should always test the chosen color on the area you are painting first. The fact that natural daylight affects how we see colors, the shades may vary at the different hours of the day. It may turns out that the color you see at the store may look different at home. So, making the decision right away without trying is quite risky to consider.

2.Test on Small Space

As already mentioned, to get the best result testing is essential. However, many people often test the paint on the space that is too small. This lessens the ability to see the detailed result as a whole. So, test the paint on a wider area of the room is recommended, this way you can observe how light and shadow affects the painted area of the room.

3.Preparing the Surface: Something Overlooked

Many homeowners think that it is totally fine applying paint directly on top  of an old one. Actually, the old layer of paint should be completely removed for the new coat to stay on the wall longer. If not, the new coat will not stay on the wall for very long. And you will have to start all over again, losing both time and money. The process of preparing the surface is to remove pre-existing layers of paint using sandpaper or using paint stripping chemical.

4.Too Many Coats

After complete the second layers of topcoat, you may add the finishing touches to the overlooked areas. However, applying more than 2 topcoats is not recommended. If you keep painting more layers, the paint will be too thick. But if you really need to apply an extra layer, you must wait until the paint is completely dry or you could mess things up. A special tip for using paint brush is to dip the bristles only half way into the paint, as things won’t get too messy and you won’t waste so much  paint.

5.Masking Magic Tape 

You must be extra careful applying paint around the edge of window frames, doors and corners. These areas are where people usually make mistakes so to protect these areas is a must. First thing first, cover these areas with painter’s tape or masking tape to stop paint going in the area. Begin painting from the middle of the wall then, with brush or paint rollers, apply paint horizontally along the taped areas. And remove the tape after the paint is dry to get a perfect result.

6.Does Temperature Matter?

Yes, the temperature is actually matter. We should avoid painting on a cold day since the humidity makes it difficult to dry. On the other hand, if it is too hot, heat makes paint dry too fast and stains may appear on the surface. Just choose a pleasant day when it is not too hot or too cold. And while working, the lid of the containers must be covered the whole time. Not only to prevent paint from the changing temperature but also to avoid unexpected accidents.

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