The Right Paint for the Right Surface

To make your home beautiful and stylish, selecting an appropriate paint is actually as important as choosing furniture and decoration items. However, the process of choosing paint could be troublesome for many homeowners due to a wide range of selections available in the market. Here we provide you with some tips for choosing a suitable type of paint for each surface.

If you are painting on a rough surfaces such as cement, gypsum or wood you can use either acrylic paint or enamel paint. However, each types of paint got different characteristic. Oil-based enamel paint, which has noticeably strong unpleasant smell, has a glossy finish. On the other hand, water-based acrylic paint offers smooth finishing with much less odor.

Oil-based enamel paint is recommended for a smooth, shiny and rather slippery surface such as metal, because acrylic paint does not adhere properly on this type of surface. For those of you who worry about the unpleasant odor, a variety of product has already been developed to solve this problem.

Moreover, the area you are painting also determines which types of paint you have to buy. Durability is a very important factor for choosing exterior paint, because the area is exposed to different weather conditions such as sunlight, wind and rain. Interior paint, on the other hand, durability is not as important as the anti-fungal and moisture resistant benefits. In addition, interior paint should also be odor-free and chemical free.

Whenever your house needs repainting, these simple principles will surely guide you through the process of choosing the right paint for the job. High quality paint that is safe and durable would definitely keep your house beautiful for longer without any worries.

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